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Awarded Sylvio Behring Black Belts in Ontario

Shah Franco, Toronto ON

Scott Schilling, Toronto ON

Richard Nancoo, Sudbury ON

Justin Bruckmann, Oshawa ON

Antonio Carvalho, Oshawa ON

Marco Costa, Toronto ON

Jesse Richardson, Vaughan ON

Fernando Zulick, North York ON

Igor Caetano, Toronto ON

Warren Bodaert, Toronto ON

Steve Jones, Toronto ON

Justin Glasgow, Toronto ON

Matt McDonald, Concord ON

Greg Marsh, Toronto ON

Paulo Cardoso, Etobicoke ON

Ashilin Kansuaty, Toronto ON

Dave Hutchinson, Toronto ON

Angelo Panoussis, Orangeville ON

Amber Nancoo Sudbury, Ontario

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Awarded Sylvio Behring Black Belts in Canada

Pedro Albuquerque, Montreal QC

Mike Yackulic, Edmonton AB

Andrew Gummer, Edmonton AB

Curt Malin, Edmonton AB

Lane Binetury, Edmonton AB

Rodrigo Munduruca, Winnipeg MB

Bob McRoberts, Winnipeg MB

Glen Flamand, Winnipeg MB

Garry Sawatzky, Winnipeg MB

Christina Barry, Winnipeg MB

Chris Belbas, Winnipeg MB

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Awarded Sylvio Behring Black Belts World-Wide

Peter Iacavazzi, USA

Rich Guerin, Yakima WA

Michael Hermosillo, Salt Lake City UT

Bill Cross, Salt Lake City UT

Sean Peters, Billings MT

Sean Denning, Colorado US

Brian Zehler Colorado US

Brandon Olsen, Montana US

Mike Neal, Montana US

Matt Powers, Montana US

Will Grundhauser, Montana US

Sam Brown, Montana US

Raymond Beal, Texas

Michael Nottingham, Texas

Rob Handley, Utah (Grand Master Flavio Behring)

Flavio Gouus, Rio de Janeiro BR

Ricardo Mendes, Rio de Janeiro BR

Chico Lopes, Rio de Janeiro BR

René Stein, Rio de Janeiro BR

Ian Behring, Rio de Janeiro BR

Fabio Oliveira, Rio de Janeiro BR

Vinicius Campelo, Rio de Janeiro BR

Jório Lacerda, Rio de Janeiro BR

Carlos Linhares, Rio de Janeiro BR

Mauricio Miguel Pereira, Rio de Janeiro BR

Claudio Street Aguiar, Rio de Janeiro BR

Paulo Parente Marques Mendes, Rio de Janeiro BR

Marcio Corleta, Porto Alegre BR (G.M. Flavio Behring)

Alexandre Fortis, Porto Alegre BR

Fabricio Werdun, Porto Alegre BR

Mario Reis, Porto Alegre BR

Danilo Rodacki, Panamá (G.M. Flavio Behring)

Rosangela Conceicao, Abu Dhabi

Eduardo Torós, Rio de Janeiro BR

Iran Silva, Rio de Janeiro BR

Douglas Ferreira, Rio Grande do Sul BR 

Cassio Ferreira, Rio Grande do Sul BR

Rafael Azambuja, Rio de Janeiro BR

Gabriel Azambuja, Rio de Janeiro BR

Delica Enricone, Rio de Janeiro BR

Roberto Wosiack, Rio de Janeiro BR

Max Domingues, Rio de Janeiro BR

Igor Domingues, Rio de Janeiro BR

Douglas Moura, Rio de Janeiro BR

Pablo Nunes, Porto Alegre BR

Reinaldo Bravim, Rio de Janeiro BR

Marcelo Dezan, Rio de Janeiro BR

Mario Francavilla, Rio de Janeiro BR

Luis Tomaz, Rio de Janeiro BR

Rafael Riegg, Rio de Janeiro BR

Tiago Oliveira Batista, Rio de Janeiro BR

Bruno Galdino, Rio de Janeiro BR

Wandro Teixeira, Rio de Janeiro BR

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News & Upcoming Events

Mestre Sylvio Behring Next Visit


Mestre Sylvio Behring next visit to Ontario is scheduled for July 9th 2017!


If you wish to have Mestre Behring host a seminar at your academy,
Contact us
for details!


An Instructors Seminar will be held Friday, July 7th at Matador MMA Academy from 6pm-10pm

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